Beatless 2018

Most of the world's needs are fulfilled by humanoid robots called hIE's. One day, 17-year-old Arato Endo meets the android Lacia and becomes her owner. She is one of five androids with advanced AI. Each of the five units have their own motivations, and fight to gain each other's abilities. What will the relationship between man and machine be moving forward? That is something Arato must find.

Hakumei and Mikochi 2018

While Hakumei is cheerful, outgoing and prefers to be outside, Mikochi is more introverted and prefers to stay indoors. These differences will set the tone for their friendship. Riding on insects and birds, creating tools from the forest and living their normal lives, day to day chores can be the biggest adventure in a small world full of wonders.

Top Gear France 2015

Top Gear France is a french TV show on cars, based on the english original tv show Top Gear. IT is shwon on TNT RMC Découverte and will be hosted by the french actor Philippe Lellouche, the professional racing driver Bruce Jouanny and EDM musician and journalist Yann Larret-Menezo.

Kaijuu Girls: Ultra Kaijuu Gijinka 2016

Humanity's battle of many years with the kaiju, giant monsters, has finally come to an end. Now that Earth has entered an age of peace, girls with the souls of kaiju have begun to appear, giving them the ability to transform into kaiju. They are known as the Kaiju Girls, and this is the powerful, transient, beautiful, and at times easygoing story of the strange fate these girls bear.

A Place Further Than the Universe 2018

Scenery that we have never seen. Sounds that we have never heard. Scent that we have never smelled. Food that we have never tasted. And the surge of emotion that we have never experienced. This is the expedition of recollecting the pieces torn apart and sensation left alone. When we reach that place, what will we think? Howling, 40 degree angle. Raging, 50 degree angle. Shouting, 60 degree angle. A wilderness beyond the heavy sea. The furthest south, far from civilization. At the top of the Earth. We will find lights through the girls' eyes to live tomorrow.

Who Killed Jane Doe? 2017

Behind the discovery of every Jane Doe lies two stories: the detectives puzzling out her identity and how she died, and her family struggling to find her. In each episode, we give a voice to the nameless and a final resting place to a missing loved one.

Stories from Norway 2018

Investigative musical series with each episode being a standalone that deals with one real life object or event.

Into the Fire 2018

A previously unseen view of what it's really like to be a firefighter in Britain today, with exclusive access to West Midlands Fire Service (WMFS), the second busiest fire and rescue service in the UK. The series is filmed almost entirely by the fire crews themselves, using their revolutionary new helmet and body-worn cameras.

The Looming Tower 2018

Tracing the rising threat of Osama bin Laden and Al-Qaeda, it takes a controversial look at how the rivalry between the CIA and FBI inadvertently might have set the stage for the tragedy of 9/11 and the war in Iraq.

My Dear Boy 2017

Ruby is a woman who wants to be loved but can't seem to find the right man. She loses faith in love but then meets Derek. With him, she learns to appreciate herself and those people that are important to her and begins to have faith in love again.

The Voice of Holland 2010

Dutch reality singing competition where four coaches, themselves popular performing artists, train the talents in their group and occasionally perform with them. Talents are selected in blind auditions, where the coaches cannot see, but only hear the auditioner.

X Factor 2008

X Factor is the Danish version of The X Factor, a show originating in the United Kingdom and is created by talent show judge and record and TV producer Simon Cowell.

Super Junior's Super TV 2018

Super TV is a show that twists all of variety show formats in the world and presents them in Super Junior’s own way. This format is called Super Junior Crazy Idol Variety (슈퍼주니어 i돌아이어티). The show's format will include quiz show, talk show, game show, eating show, reality, documentary, sports, film and comedy

Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS 2017

Den City is a city with advanced network systems in which a VR space called LINK VRAINS was created by SOL Technologies. The Knights of Hanoi, a group that hacks through dueling, as well as SOL Technologies are seeking a mysterious AI program. Yusaku Fujiki, also known as Playmaker, is a first year high school student who manages to capture this AI program while trying to find out the truth about an incident in the past.

Alone in the Wilderness

Alone in the Wilderness is a Danish reality show where eight competitors are trying to survive on their own own in Norway's most deserted areas.

The Paynes 2018

Follow Ella and Curtis Payne through the ups and downs of retirement in Florida. A “House of Payne” spin-off.


When his clan is wiped out by a beautiful demon, young Taikobo finds himself in charge of the mysterious Houshin Project. Its mission: find all immortals living in the human world and seal them away forever. But who do you trust—and whose side are you really on—when you've been trained to hunt demons by a demon?

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