Tug 2013

A small town guy tries to decide between staying with his current girlfriend or going back to his psycho ex.

Rub and Tug 2002

Rub & Tug is a sexy comedy that takes place at a "full body" massage parlour.

Tug of War! 2012

The mayor of Oita wants to improve the image of his city, so he instructs Chiaki - a young woman working for the city's PR department - to form a female tug of war team. Nobuo MIZUTA mixes comedy, drama and a pinch of social criticism to tell a tale of eight women, their everyday struggles and their support for each other.

Tugboat Mickey 1940

Mickey is performing routine maintenance on his tugboat (with interference from a pelican) when a call comes on the radio that there's a sinking ship needing assistance. Sadly, Mickey's crew consists of Donald and Goofy, so getting underway to help is not easy. Goofy has to fight a boiler's door to get it stoked with coal (and when he succeeds, he overfills it) and Donald gets tangled up in the machinery. Not to mention that nobody casts off, so they drag half the dock along with them. The overworked boiler soon explodes.

Tugboat Granny 1956

Tweety Bird and Granny are at the controls of a tugboat that Sylvester tries unsuccessfully to board.

Tugboat Annie 1933

Waterfront couple raise their son to be a sea captain. He grows up to be rather snotty and rebels against drunken Beery. Valiant Dressler keeps things moving even as hubby ruins their tugboat business.

Tugumi 1990

Tugumi, who lives in a small seaside town, has been in delicate health from birth. Her parents spoiled her and she is rough and selfish. However, a few people are attracted by her beauty and unique character. In this summer, Tugumi loves Kyoichi Takahashi, who works in the art gallery of the town. One of Tugumi's old boy friends, the leader of bad boys, attacks Kyoichi and kills Tugumi's pet dog from jealousy. Tugumi plans revenge.

Tugging the Worm 1987

USA 1987, 16mm, colour, sound, 9 min Print courtesy the Circulating Film & Video Library, The Museum of Modern Art, New York (Tate Modern)

Muhammad bin Tughluq 1971

Muhammad bin Thughlaq is a 1971 Indian Tamil language cringe comedy film directed and written by Cho Ramaswamy. It is the film version of the stage play of the same name. Both the play and the film were conceptualized, written and directed by Cho who also stars as the title character. The film is a satirical take on the then political and social affairs of India and is considered a fine portrayal of the political attitude existent till today. The title character's name is an allusion to the present day politics in India that can be compared with those of Tughluq's. It is believed in India that Tughluq, the sultan of Delhi in 14th century, was an unintelligent ruler especially for some of his decisions during his reign, including those of relocation of capital and experiments with coins. Thus, Cho found it to be a correct allusion to the present day political happenings. There are several dialogues in the film that mention these facts.

Tugger: The Jeep 4x4 Who Wanted to Fly 2005

Tugger is a little jeep. During World War II, his engine fan was replaced with a real airplane propeller. Since then, he's known that one day, he too will fly in the skies. While spending his time doing boring work towing airplanes around, he never let go of that dream, and who knows, it may just come true some day...

From Tugboats to Polar Bears: Short Films by Matt McCormick

Portland filmmaker Matt McCormick combines original sounds with abstract observations of contemporary culture. "Towlines" explores the role of the tugboat in modern society; "American Nutria" examines the plight of a species imported to our shores and now reviled; "The Subconscious Art of Graffiti Removal" observes how destroying one art form creates another; "The Vyrotonin Decision" reflects on some of advertising's most embarrassing moments.

Tugs 1988

Tugs is a British children's television series first broadcast in 1988. It was created by the producers of Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends, Robert D. Cardona and David Mitton. The series dealt with the adventures of two anthropomorphized tugboat fleets, the Star Fleet and the Z-Stacks, who compete against each other in the fictional Bigg City Port. The series was set in the Roaring Twenties, and was produced by Tugs Ltd., for TVS and Clearwater Features Ltd. Music was composed by Junior Campbell and Mike O'Donnell, who also wrote the music for Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends. Due to the bankruptcy of production company TVS, the series did not continue production past 13 episodes. Following the initial airing of the series throughout 1988, television rights were sold to an unknown party, while all models and sets from the series sold to Britt Allcroft. Modified set props and tugboat models were used in Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends from 1991 onwards, with footage from the original program being heavily dubbed and edited for use in American children's series Salty's Lighthouse. Mitton returned to working with Thomas & Friends in 1991, while Cardona would go on to direct Theodore Tugboat, a similarly natured animated series set in Canada. All thirteen episodes of the show were released on VHS between 1988 and 1993.

Theodore Tugboat 1993

Theodore Tugboat is a Canadian children's television series about a tugboat named Theodore who lives in the Big Harbour with all of his friends. The show originated in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada as a co-production between the CBC, and the now defunct Cochran Entertainment, and was filmed on a model set using radio controlled tugboats, ships, and machinery. Production of the show ended in 2001, and its distribution rights were later sold to Classic Media. The show premiered in Canada on CBC Television, then went to PBS, was on Qubo in the US, and at one time, had appeared in eighty different countries. The show deals with life learning issues portrayed by the tugs or other ships in the harbour. Most often, the tugs have a problem, or get involved in a struggle with each other or another ship, but they always manage to help one another resolve these problems and see them through. Their main focus however, is to always make the Big Harbour the friendliest harbour in the world, and to always do a good job with their work related tasks.

The Adventures of Tugboat Annie 1958

The Adventures of Tugboat Annie is a 1957 Canadian-filmed television series starring Minerva Urecal as Annie Brennan, the role originated by Marie Dressler in the 1933 screen classic Tugboat Annie. Urecal was the fourth actress to portray Tugboat Annie; the others were Dressler, Marjorie Rambeau in Tugboat Annie Sails Again, and Jane Darwell in Captain Tugboat Annie. Norman Reilly Raine's stories of the salty tugboat captain Annie Brennan, a character based on the life of Thea Foss, first appeared in prose form in the weekly US journal Saturday Evening Post in the late 1920s. She was soon developed into a movie character, depicted in three films, portrayed by a different actress in each. Finally, in 1954, a television series was commissioned by the independent American production company TPA. The pilot took two whole years to complete, at a then-record cost of $129,000. Elsa Lanchester, Jay C. Flippen, and Chill Wills were all in line for major roles at one point or another at this early stage. The series was filmed in Toronto harbor and was first shown in Canada, having attracted ratings good enough to interest American television stations. What had succeeded in Canada proved a disappointment in the United States, where the viewing audiences had presumably become accustomed to greater sophistication than the simplistic humor of this series.

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