The Mac A Zoe Story 2009

Venture into the mind of one of Haiti's most infamous gangsters with this unflinching documentary about the man known as Mac A Zoe -- the founder and leader of the fearsome Haitian street gang, Zoe Pound. Telling his story from behind the bars of an American prison cell, Mac shares his thoughts on a wide array of topics, such as the birth of Zoe Pound, voodoo culture and the future for Haitian refugees in the United States.

Australian Story 1996

Australian Story is a national weekly documentary series, produced and broadcast on ABC Television. Since 1996 Australian Story has featured many Australians from diverse backgrounds and reputations. Examples include Hazel Hawke, rugby league coach Wayne Bennett, Australia's first female Prime Minister Julia Gillard, comedian & broadcaster Red Symons, actor and author William McInnes, former Governor-General Peter Hollingworth, fashion designers Sass & Bide, art-activist Van Rudd, Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin and actress and singer Belinda Emmett. Lower profile Australians have also been profiled, such as Sabina Wolanski who was the Holocaust survivor chosen to represent the six million dead at the opening of the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe. There is no reporter narration – the stories are 'told' by the profile subjects and other individuals such as friends, family, colleagues and critics. The program aims to present a varied and contrasting picture of contemporary Australia and Australians, both known and unknown. But on the whole, the personal approach to story-telling has been very well received with the program winning many professional awards including seven Walkley Awards for excellence in journalism and four consecutive Logie Awards.

Crime Story 1986

Crime Story is an American TV drama, created by Gustave Reininger and Chuck Adamson, that premiered in 1986 and ran for two seasons on NBC. The executive producer was Michael Mann, who had left his other series Miami Vice to oversee Crime Story and direct the film Manhunter. The show premiered with a two-hour pilot — a movie which had been exhibited theatrically — and was watched by over 30 million viewers. It was then scheduled to follow Miami Vice on Friday nights, and continued to attract a record number of viewers. NBC then moved the show to Tuesdays at 10 pm opposite ABC's Moonlighting, hurting its ratings to the point that NBC ordered its cancellation after only two seasons. Set in the early, pre-Beatles 1960s, the series depicted two men — Lt. Mike Torello and mobster Ray Luca — with an obsessive drive to destroy each other. As Luca started with street crime in Chicago, was "made" in the Chicago Outfit and then sent to Las Vegas to monitor their casinos, Torello pursued Luca as head of a special Organized Crime Strike Force. Torello, his friend Ted Kehoe, and Luca had grown up in Chicago's "The Patch" neighborhood, also called "Little Sicily" or "Little Italy" and the haunt of the Forty-Two Gang. The show attracted both acclaim and controversy for its serialized format, in which a continuing storyline was told over an entire season, rather than being episodic, as was normal with shows at the time.

Ghost Story 1972

Ghost Story is an American television anthology series that aired for one season on NBC from 1972 to 1973. Executive-produced by William Castle, Ghost Story initially featured supernatural entities such as ghosts, vampires, and witches. By midseason, low ratings led to a title change and a shift -- for the most part -- away from paranormal themes.

Police Story 1973

Police Story is an anthology television crime drama that aired on NBC from 1973 through 1978. The show was the brainchild of author and former policeman Joseph Wambaugh and represented a major step forward in the realistic depiction of police work and violence on network TV. It was produced by David Gerber and Mel Swope. Although it was an anthology, there were certain things that all episodes had in common; for instance, the main character in each episode was a police officer. The setting was always Los Angeles and the characters always worked for some branch of the LAPD. Notwithstanding the anthology format, there were recurring characters. Scott Brady appeared in more than a dozen episodes as "Vinnie," a former cop who, upon retirement, had opened a bar catering to police officers, and who acted as a sort of Greek chorus during the run of the series, commenting on the characters and plots. Tony Lo Bianco and Don Meredith made several appearances as Robbery-Homicide Division partners Tony Calabrese and Bert Jameson. Other recurring characters included surveillance specialist Joe LaFrieda, played by Vic Morrow, and vice officer turned homicide detective Charlie Czonka, played by James Farentino. Chuck Connors also starred in various episodes.

The New Edition Story 2017

Follow the story of R&B pioneers Michael Bivins, Ricky Bell, Ronnie Devoe, Bobby Brown, Ralph Tresvant and Johnny Gill as they navigate fame from their native Boston to Hollywood and beyond.

The Cuba Libre Story 2015

This documentary series recounts the tumultuous history of Cuba, a nation of foreign conquest, freedom fighters and Cold War political machinations.

Her Story 2016

Her Story is about two trans women in Los Angeles who have given up on love, when suddenly chance encounters give them hope. Violet is drawn to Allie, a reporter who approaches her for an interview, while career-driven Paige meets James, the first man she’s considered opening up to in years. Will they risk letting what they are stand in the way of being loved for who they are? Trans women in the media have long been punchlines, killers, indications of urban grit, pathetic tragedies, and dangerous sirens. Rarely have they been complex characters who laugh, struggle, and grow, who share strength in sisterhood, who seek and find love. Her Story depicts the unique, complicated, and very human women we see in queer communities, and explores how these women navigate the intersections of label identity and love.

Silicon Valley: The Untold Story 2018

Industry leaders including Eric Schmidt and Steve Wozniak are interviewed in this remarkable look at how Silicon Valley has produced an unrivaled stream of innovations.

Story Hunters 2016

A video journalist project, showcasing original stories and powered by the audience.

Secret Story 2007

The game contestants are cut off from the rest of the world during ten to fifteen weeks in a house called “house of secrets”, where every room is fitted with video cameras, except the restroom. The goal is to keep a secret while trying to discover the other contestants' secret.

Life Story 2014

Presented by David Attenborough, Life Story tells the remarkable and often perilous story of the journey through life. It is a story that unites each of us with every animal on the planet, because we all set out on this journey from the moment we are born. For animals there is just one goal in life – to continue their bloodline in the form of offspring. This series follows that journey through its six crucial stages: first steps, growing up, finding a home, gaining power, winning a mate and succeeding as a parent.

Cover Story 2007

When Lára, a journalist on maternity leave finds herself newly single and in deep financial trouble, her outlook is bleak. Enter handsome and notorious businessman Hrafn: aware of her intuitive skills as an investigator, he hires her to prove his innocence in a case involving the murder of a young woman. Lára is saved from her desperate financial situation, but at what cost?

Manhattan Love Story 2014

The unfiltered internal monologues of a young man and a young woman are exposed as they begin a new relationship together.

The Story of Perrine 1978

The Story of Perrine is a Japanese anime series by Nippon Animation. It is the fourth production in the World Masterpiece Theater series. It is based on the French novel, En Famille by Hector Malot. The original aired from January 1, 1978 until December 31, 1978, spanning 53 episodes.

The Neverending Story 1995

The Neverending Story: The Animated Adventures of Bastian Balthazar Bux is an animated television series, produced by CineVox, Ellipse, and Nelvana, aired for one season on HBO, ran for 26 episodes, and loosely based on Michael Ende's book, The Neverending Story.

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