Here and Now 2018

A provocative and darkly comic meditation on the disparate forces polarizing present-day American culture, as experienced by the members of a progressive multi-ethnic family — a philosophy professor and his wife, their adopted children from Vietnam, Liberia and Colombia and their sole biological child — and a contemporary Muslim family, headed by a psychiatrist who is treating one of their children.

Marry Me Now 2018

Park Yoo-Ha studied hard in medical school and finished her intern course. She works hard to become a doctor due to her father. Her father raised 4 children by himself and her oldest sister also sacrificed for the family. Park Yoo-Ha is not interested in other people. Suddenly, her father marries a woman rich enough to own a building. Meanwhile, Jung Eun-Tae works as a doctor. He volunteered for performing medical service abroad, but he comes back to Korea. Jung Eun-Tae is not interested in marriage, because his father placed priority on his medical work over family and Jung Eun-Tae believes he is like his father.

Now and Again 1999

Now and Again is an American television series that aired in the US from September 24, 1999 until May 5, 2000 on CBS. The story revolves around the United States government engineering the perfect human body for use in espionage, but not being able to yet perfect the brain. In an attempt to get the project up and running, they take the brain of overweight family man Michael Wiseman, who is killed by a train. Given a new life, Michael is kept in an apartment where he is trained by government experts, led by Dr. Theodore Morris, in the art of espionage. Despite his new life and new abilities, Michael longs to return to his wife Lisa and daughter Heather, who are themselves discovering that not all is as it seems with Michael's death.

Documentary Now! 2015

Documentary Now lovingly parodies some of the world's best-known documentaries. Each episode is shot in a different style of documentary filmmaking, and honors some of the most important stories that didn't actually happen.

Acropolis Now 1989

Acropolis Now was an Australian sitcom set in a Greek cafe in Melbourne of the same name that ran for 63 episodes from 1989 to 1992 on the Seven Network. It was created by Nick Giannopoulos, George Kapiniaris and Simon Palomares, who also starred in the series. They were already quite well known for their comedy stage show, Wogs out of Work. The title is a play on the film Apocalypse Now. Each episode was 30 minutes in length and filmed in front of a live audience. Jim's father asks him to run the family business, the Acropolis café, when he suddenly leaves Australia to return to his homeland Greece. The series centres around the activities of the cafe staff. Greek Jim Stephanidis, is the immature owner and his best friend, Spaniard Ricky Martinez is the sensible manager. Memo is the traditional Greek waiter, Liz is the liberated Australian waitress. Skip is the naïve new cook from the bush and Manolis is the stubborn cook from the old cafe. 'Hilarity' prevails from the clash of cultures and beliefs. Jim's hairdresser cousin Effie, played by Mary Coustas, became a hugely popular and enduring character during the run of the show. Coustas later reprised the role for several TV specials and series including Effie, Just Quietly, an SBS comedy / interview show, and Greeks on the Roof, a short-lived Greek-Australian version of the British talk show The Kumars at No. 42.

Where Are They Now? 1999

Where Are They Now? was a television series on VH1 that featured past celebrities and updated on their current professional and personal status. Each episode was dedicated to another genre. Though not always in sequence, some episodes were a continuation of the motif of episodes from the past. Those episodes sometimes had Roman numerals in their title to signify their sequel status.

Any Day Now 1998

Any Day Now is an American drama series that aired on the Lifetime network from 1998 to 2002. The show stars Annie Potts and Lorraine Toussaint, who are best friends despite the difference in their races. The show's title is taken from the 1962 Chuck Jackson song "Any Day Now", which was later covered by Ronnie Milsap in 1982. A version performed by Lori Perry served as the show's theme song.

Who's Sorry Now?

Who's Sorry Now? explores big marquee moments of regret from public figures such as Bill Clinton and Tiger Woods to take a timely look at the art, the spin and the billion dollar business behind The Big Apology.

We Are Dating Now 2002

We Are Dating Now is a 16-episode drama produced by the SBS in 2001. The drama series was later first broadcast by the SBS between January 16, 2002 to March 7, 2002. and aired in Japan

How Soon Is Now? 2007

How Soon Is Now? is a 2007 Swedish drama television serial directed by Mikael Marcimain. The narrative portrays four people who grow up Gothenburg between 1966 and 1976. The serial was produced for Sveriges Television, from a screenplay by Peter Birro.

Here and Now 1992

Here and Now is an American television sitcom that aired on NBC from September 19, 1992 to January 2, 1993. The series starred Malcolm-Jamal Warner in the lead role, who prior to this series co-starred in The Cosby Show which ended its run in Spring 1992. Bill Cosby served as one on the show's executive producers along with Warner serving as executive consultant credited as M.J. Warner. The song "Tennessee" by Arrested Development was used as the show's theme song.

Starting From Now 2014

"Starting From Now" is a lesbian web series that explores the lives of four inner-Sydney women as they struggle to work out who they are, find a place where they belong, and maybe even find someone to love along the way. After building an international viral following across the first three seasons and reaching 20 million views in less than two years on YouTube, seasons 4 and 5 were acquired for broadcast television and screened on SBS2 in March, 2016.

Redfern Now 2012

Six extraordinary stories one unmissable series. Redfern Now is the first drama series written, directed and produced by Indigenous Australians.

SciTech Now 2014

Capturing the latest breakthroughs in science, technology and innovation. With anchor Hari Sreenivasan, we check out the hottest gadgets, meet the innovators creating the startups of tomorrow and map out the mysteries of the scientific world.

#MeToo, Now What? 2018

Executive editor and host Zainab Salbi goes beyond the headlines about sexual harassment to ask how we got here and how we move forward.

Geography Now

Documentary series profiling every single country of the world done alphabetically, so be patient if you are waiting for one that's down the road.

Democracy Now! 2001

A United States daily progressive, nonprofit, independently syndicated program of news, analysis, and opinion.

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