Son of God 2014

The life story of Jesus is told from his humble birth through his teachings, crucifixion and ultimate resurrection.

The Beloved Son of God 1988

A poignant look at mental retardation and society's ignorance and indifference towards people that are different.

Son of God 2010

A director wants to shoot a film about the son of god.

Jesus, The Son of God 1995

Jesus, the Son of God begins with Jesus, Mary and Joseph traveling to Jerusalem for the Passover in 13 A.D. Young Jesus, age twelve, walks behind His parents carrying a lamb. Jesus is to present the lamb to the priest as a sacrifice for sins. Once inside the busy, noisy city full of trading and bartering, Jesus and His family sell and buy the things they need before taking the lamb to the priest. Jesus presents the lamb to the priest, and the priest tests Him by asking some questions about the law. Jesus' answers are correct and the priest congratulates Him.

A Long Weekend with The Son of God 2010

Former police officer Jesus Vissarion is the soul of Siberia. His 4,000 disciples follow a strict regime of no meat, no eggs, no milk, no fish, no alcohol, no smoking and very little money. Filmmaker George Carey touches down in the obscure Siberian outpost of Minusinsk, just in time to join in the fun and frolics at Vissarion's big festival, taking place in Sun City, the new Promised Land, roughly 200 miles north of Mongolia. George is approached by Vissarion's closest apostle, a former rock singer called Vadim Redkin, who says he can take him to meet the great man...

One Punk Under God: The Prodigal Son of Jim and Tammy Faye 2006

An original six-part documentary series on Jay Bakker. The series takes a behind-the-scenes look at the life of Bakker as he faces the professional, emotional, and financial struggles of running this Revolution church in Atlanta, Georgia. The tattooed and pierced preacher is not necessarily the image of an American evangelist with his resolute maverick stance and open tolerance for alternative lifestyle choices. But by fusing together punk and Christian values to create a non-denominational and inclusive parish, he is working to show the world just how hip and welcoming today's churches can be.

Son of the Gods 1930

The popular Caucasian-looking son (Richard Barthelmess) of a wealthy Chinese businessman lives away from his widowed father and passes as white, but experiences prejudice, rejection, insult, and heartache when the socialite (Constance Bennett) he loves learns of his heritage.

Son of God’s Country 1948

Son of God's Country stars singing cowboy Monte Hale in his traditional screen role of do-gooder and last-minute problem-solver. This time, it's the old "evil land baron" plot again, with the villains eager to grab up all available ranch property, then sell it back to the incoming railroad.

Son of Godzilla 1967

The 8th Godzilla film is aimed at an even younger audience than its predecessors. In the South Seas, scientists conducting weather experiments encounter gigantic mantises and a giant spider that are attacking Godzilla's offspring.

All Monsters Attack 1969

The 10th Godzilla film. A boy uses his imagination to take him to Monster Island so he can escape the pains of real life. There he is befriended by Godzilla's son, who helps him with his struggles.

Maria, Mãe do Filho de Deus 2003

Maria Auxiliadora is a 24 year-old woman very poor, that she lives Joana, her 7 year-old daughter close to. Needing go look for the result of Joana's exam in the hospital, Maria asks the priest of the local church that takes care of her to return. In spite of Joana's insistence to go with the mother Maria insists that she is with the priest, because she distrusts that her daughter suffers of a serious disease. To entertain the girl while it awaits the mother's return, the priest decides to tell her a mother's history that dedicated her life to the son: Mary, mother of Jesus Christ.

Son of God

Son of God is an award-winning British documentary series that chronicles the life of Jesus Christ using scientific and contemporary historical evidence. It was presented by Jeremy Bowen, and its first episode premiered in the United Kingdom on 1 April 2001. The executive producer was Ruth Pitt and it was directed by Jean-Claude Bragard—it took a total of 16 months to produce and cost GB£1.5 million. A full symphonic score was composed by James Whitbourn. Son of God featured interviews with 21 historians and other Biblical experts, live action reenactments of the life of Jesus with Leron Livo in the lead role, and computer-generated images of what locations from Jesus's time might have looked like. These images, created by design team Red Vision, were praised by critics and received an Outstanding Achievement Award at the 2001 Royal Television Society North Awards. Son of God ran for a single series of three episodes, each of which focused on a different stage of Jesus's life. The first episode, "The Real Man", looked at the historical evidence for the existence of Jesus, and documented his life from his birth to his temptation. Episode two, "The Mission", discussed how Jesus became popular among Jews and Greeks, and why the Pharisees of the area might have seen him as a threat. "The Final Hours", the third and final episode of Son of God, looked at Jesus's crucifixion, and presented some ideas as to how the traditional views of the crucifixion may conflict with how it really occurred. The episode concluded with the construction of a computer-generated animation of how Jesus may have appeared.

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