Sex: My British Job 2013

Nick Broomfield met Hsiao Hung Pai, a journalist who was working for the Guardian, when making his feature film 'Ghosts' (about the Morecambe Bay Chinese Cockle Pickers ). As an experiment and using the latest in undercover technology, Nick worked with Hsiao to make a Undercover film set in a Chinese brothel in Finchley. There are over 2000 'illegal' brothels in London,largely ignored by the police and the authorities, which employ 80% foreign nationals, mostly illegal, that are easily exploited by the brothel owners.

The Job 2001

The Job is a single-camera television comedy drama about a New York City police officer named Mike McNeil -- who indulges in adultery, alcohol, cigarettes and prescription drug abuse—and his fellow 'bumbling detective' pals. The show, which appeared to borrow the tone and look of NYPD Blue for semi-satirical purposes, was built around the Mike McNeil character, but relied on a strong ensemble cast. The show filmed entirely on location in New York City.

Good Job, Good Job 2009

Good Job, Good Job also known as Cheer Up on Love, Job Well Done, Well Done or Thumbs Up For A Job Well Done is a South Korean television series that aired on MBC, its first aired on March 14, 2009 and finished on August 2, 2009 and the first shown in South Korea.

Deadliest Catch 2005

Forty-foot waves, 700 pound crab pots, freezing temperatures and your mortality staring you in the face…it's all in a day's work for these modern day prospectors. During each episode we will watch crews race to meet their quota and make it home safely.

Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! 2007

Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! is an American sketch comedy television series, created by and starring Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim, which premiered February 11, 2007 on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim comedy block and ran until May 2010. The program features surrealistic and often satirical humor, public-access television–style musical acts, bizarre faux-commercials, and editing and special effects chosen to make the show appear camp. The program featured a wide range of actors, spanning from stars such as Will Ferrell, John C. Reilly, David Cross, Bob Odenkirk, Will Forte and Zach Galifianakis, to alternative comedians like Neil Hamburger, to television actors like Alan Thicke, celebrity look-alikes and impressionists. The creators of the show have described it as "the nightmare version of television."

Government Job 2012

The backbone of the "Drzavni Posao (Government Job)" are satirical talks between the three actors, the comments are reminiscent of the "stand-up" form. These are short, witty comments and observations on daily life, circumstances, socio - political situation, sports, entertainment world, their personal opinions on various topics. The main idea is to present day in a non-existent government company and three employees of thinking about daily events in it, but also about life and society in general. Topics drawn from the daily and weekly press, for various blogs, websites, talk about movies, series, shows - radio and television. The idea is that actors humorously comment on current events, to laugh viewers and encourage them to think about them.

Odd Job Jack 2003

Odd Job Jack was a Canadian animated comedy television show featuring Don McKellar, about one man's misadventures in temporary employment. Seen on and produced for the The Comedy Network, a cable specialty channel, and shown on Adult Swim in Latin America, the show has currently finished its production run as of its fourth season. The second season has been released to DVD, and seasons two through four can currently be seen on the on demand streaming video service Hulu.

Job or No Job 2015

An unprecedented look at the job market facing today’s newly minted college graduates. Each episode will follow one highly-qualified young adult per episode on their journey to land a first job. Each job seeker will go on three interviews, and we will watch the intense ride to find out if he or she lands three, two, one – or zero offers.

Reaper 2007

21 year-old slacker Sam Oliver learns that his parents sold his soul to the devil before he was born, and now Sam has to repay the debt by becoming the Devil's bounty hunter, retrieving souls that have somehow escaped from Hell.

La Job 2006

La Job is a French Canadian comedy television series set in Montreal. It is an adaptation of the British show The Office of the BBC. Produced by Anne-Marie Losique's Image Diffusion International, it has been broadcast for a limited number of viewers on Bell TV satellite television, beginning on October 9, 2006. It was later seen by a wider audience on the public broadcaster Radio-Canada and specialty channel ARTV. It is the third official foreign adaptation of the concept, and the second in a language other than English.

The Job Lot 2013

The daily troubles of the people who work in a busy West Midlands Job Centre, and the people who don’t work there, or anywhere else for that matter.

Dream Job 2004

Dream Job is an American reality television show from ESPN, which began on February 22, 2004. It was the network's second reality show, with two editions of Beg, Borrow & Deal having previously aired. However, this was the first reality show from a network to offer its winner an on-air place on one of its shows. The show was hosted by Stuart Scott.

Snow Job

Snow Job was a Canadian television sitcom airing on the CTV network. The series, which ran from 1983 to 1985, was set in a ski lodge in the Laurentian mountains in Quebec. The series was co-produced by Champlain Productions and CFCF-TV. The show's cast included Jack Creley, Rummy Bishop, Richard Rebiere, Liliane Clune, Joanne Cote, and Gabe Cohen. Guest stars included Jack Duffy, Bruce Gray, Wayne Gretzky, Peter Keleghan, Richard Simmons, Dale Hayes and Ruth Buzzi.

Watta Job

Watta Job is a 45-minute Filipino weekly infotainment program produced by GMA Network. It premiered on November 17, 2012 on Sabado Star Power block. The show aims to feature unusual and unique jobs all over the world. The show is hosted by Chris Tiu with Heart Evangelista and John Feir.

The Job

The Job is an American reality-competition television series that aired on CBS from February 8 to February 15, 2013 at 8:00 pm Eastern/7:00 pm Central. Hosted by Lisa Ling, the series featured contestants competing in various challenges for a chance to win "a dream job at their dream company". A pilot order for The Job was placed in March 2012 and the series was picked up in May for an expected midseason debut. Michael Davies and Mark Burnett served as executive producers. The series was canceled after two episodes aired.

The Best Moment To Quit Your Job 2017

Four young women tackle life, love, and lies in their first jobs out of college. Good thing they have each other – and late-night bars – to get through it all.

We married as a job! 2016

A series of events leads single, 25 year old Mikuri Moriyama and 36 year old Hiramasa Tsuzaki to marry as a cover.

That's My Job

That's My Job is a Philippine television program aired over Associated Broadcasting Company. The program will premiere on July 5, 2008, and it was last aired on August 8, 2008, due to ABC-5's farewell broadcasts, and it was converted and reformatted to TV5 on reopened the following day made as a grand launch on August 9, 2008.. after 22nd Anniversary EDSA Revolution

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