Ancient Chinese Whorehouse 1994

Madam Five and carpenter Kong work together managing a famous whorehouse. Kong's apprentice Yat fails to get along with Ching due to a misunderstanding between them. Luckily, the appearance of a murderous rapist helps to resolve the misunderstanding between them. It also unites the group to defend against the sex maniac and to rebuild Madam Five's business at a new location.

White Fang

White Fang was a 1993 television series loosely based on a novel by Jack London. During its single season 26 episodes were produced. It tells the story of young Matt Scott who adopts a wolf/dog named Fang who continually saves him from bad situations.

Fang of the Sun Dougram 1981

Fang of the Sun Dougram is a 75-episode anime television series, created by Ryosuke Takahashi and Sunrise, and aired in Japan from October 23, 1981 to March 25, 1983 on TV Tokyo. A 1983 full-length feature film, Dougram: Documentary of the Fang of the Sun, summarized the series.

Young Hero Fang Shiyu

Young Hero Fang Shiyu is a 1999 Hong Kong television series based on the story of Chinese folk hero Fang Shiyu. It starred Dicky Cheung as the titular protagonist.

The Legend of White Fang

The Legend of White Fang is a cartoon series based on the historical serial White Fang by Jack London FilmFair, at the time a division of the Storm Group, produced the series for the Canadian pay television channel Family, which transmitted it from 1992–94; HBO later transmitted it in the United States. Canadian writer Pierre Berton was a history consultant to the series.

Fangbone! 2016

A 9-year-old barbarian warrior from another world enters third grade and learns about the modern world, while trying to save his native land from a vile villain.

Fangface 1978

Fangface is a 30-minute Saturday morning cartoon produced by Ruby-Spears Productions for ABC which aired from September 9, 1978 to September 8, 1979. The executive producers were Joe Ruby and Ken Spears.

Prisoners 2017

After a lifetime of mistakes, Linda is sent to serve time in Iceland’s only women’s prison for a vicious assault that leaves her father in a coma. But no-one knows that she harbours a dark secret that could tear her family apart, a secret that could set her free.

Fangavaktin 2009

Fangavaktin is the sequel to the Icelandic television series Dagvaktin and the final series in the trilogy. The three main characters from Næturvaktin, Georg Bjarnfreðarson, Ólafur Ragnar and Daníel, have become imprisoned in the infamous Litla-Hraun prison following the murder of the hotel owner in Dagvaktin. The story is continued, and brought to a conclusion, in the feature film Bjarnfreðarson. The first episode was broadcast on Stöð 2 on Sunday, 27 September 2009, and an episode was broadcast each following Sunday until the final seventh episode aired on 8 November 2009. The series has been released on DVD.

Stay with Me 2016

After an accidental drowning, Li Wei Wei a famous fashion designer, loses parts of her memory. Whereby her memories stop at when she was 23. The boyfriend she remembers has now become her ex and rival, and instead a stranger is her fiancé. Li Wei Wei does not believe that she broke up with her ex Chen Yi Du and investigates the reason to as why they did. Her fiancé Qi Cheng, in order to protect and rekindle his relationship, uses all methods to prevent Wei Wei from investigating. During her investigation, Wei Wei discovers that due to the hectic lifestyle of adulthood, she has lost the innocence of her original dreams. It was this very reason as well to as why she and her ex broke up. The now 30 years old Li Wei Wei has decided to change her lifestyle. She plans to regain her most pure emotions and dreams as well as finding true love.

Beauty Private Kitchen 2016

Song Yu Die, a renowned chef in the Jiangnan area, was actually a lost Song Dynasty princess. She grew up among the commoners and learned her trade from her adoptive mother. Just when she was about to marry her childhood sweetheart, she got entangled in a warfare between a Song prince and a Jin general. To settle the conflicts between the two countries, she left her beloved to marry her country's enemy.

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