Shrouded 2006

Wisnu has to witness the brutal slaughter of his family and soon thereafter an evil spirit starts haunting him.

Pocong Ghost 1988

Orphan Sari goes to live with her uncle Mr. Padmo, his wife and their daughter Yuni. Trouble begins when the wife and daughter (who is jealous a boy she likes prefers her cousin) accuse her of stealing and threaten to kick her out. The innocent Sari's parents return as ghosts to help her out, including creating a "pocong" (death shroud) ghost to scare them.

Pocong Keliling 2010

A complex in the middle of the village experienced a panic when it appears that there Pocong issues that arise every night , knock on every door from house to house . This poses a problem to the various parties . Mr. Jamal ( Indra Birowo ) and his wife , Astrid ( Beautiful Kalalo ) angry because the houses in the complex did not sell they sell. While the schedule affair pack Jamal and his neighbor , Barbara ( Catherine Wilson ) was so chaotic . There is also Rommy and Angel new partner in the complex that continually fail to enjoy the first night for fear of being visited by pocong . In addition , a number of people also try to take advantage of the circumference pocong scene . Monique , a TV reporter , and kameramannya faithful , Akbar , struggled covering news and get pictures pocong live , because it's the only way those two did not get fired . Lastly , appeared a couple of thieves silly , Bombay and Asbun , who tried in various ways to take advantage of the situation splashy

Susuk Pocong 2009

Asti finally decides to install the implant after she discovers that her husband Rako is having an affair with Donna. While looking for the implant, she is recommended by a shaman to look for the implant from a dead person.

Shrouded 3 2007

A DJ at the nightclub named Vendetta, daughter ( Francine Roosenda ) got the news of the death of his father who had left him alone for ten years. Life Women who already have a good relationship with his friends at Vendetta including Thomas ( Darius Sinathrya ), Michelle ( Elmayana Sabrenia ) and Bayu ( Gary Iskak ), be changed while slowly terrorized by something.

Tali Pocong Perawan 2 2012

At home , Tania ( Wiwid Gunawan ) is a closed girl who lives in the pressure of the mother ( Bella Espearance ) who hates him since childhood . In the office , Tania is a shy girl who is busy harbored feelings of passionate love on Jordy ( Framly Nainggolan ) , his boss . He can only bite the fingers and dream while his colleague , Grace ( Kartika Putri ) , bolder approach Jordy . Until one day , Janet ( Nikita Mirzani ) , neighbors , giving the idea to use rope Pocong Tania Virgin to lure Jordy . Tania desperate to take the rope pocong it from the grave a virgin girl who had just died

The Virgin Corpse 2008

A jealous young man tries to steal his brother's girlfriend using the power of an ancient myth.

The Real Pocong 2009

Ivan and Rini have a beautiful child, Laura. After so much time without a house of their own, finally Ivan has bought a small bungalow out in the forest. But from the first time they step foot in the house, Laura is afraid and feels there is something wrong with the place.

Sumpah pocong di sekolah 2008

When three teenage boys hire a stripper and film her taking in a classroom they get into big trouble.They end up pocong swearing that they had nothing to do with it.By lying they unleashed an evil spirit that wants to see them dead sooner rather than later.

Dendam Pocong Mupeng 2010

Rini and Andi are lovers who meet a tragic death. Andi is electrocuted, while Rini falls from the balcony. They both turn into wandering ghosts known as pocong (a ghost wrapped in a death shroud) and kuntilanak (a woman ghost, with long hair and dressed in a white gown). Eventually, the house is sold to Harun. He uses it as a boarding house for Sherly, Tommy, Rojak, and Mira. Then each of them experiences strange apparitions. Andi, the pocong, who was a voyeur during his previous lifetime, starts peeping at Sherly and Mira

3 Pocong Idiot 2012

4 friends that Glenn, Pipin, jadoel and Rivet. They are fairly well-known boy band, which often appear in the cafes. Until one night, on the way to a cafe, Pipin, jadoel and Rivet suffered the unfortunate fate as a tragic accident that killed them. After the death, they were still hanging around like any other human. Pipin still pursuing his love for a beautiful lecturer, while jadoel and Rivet are still looking for their love.

Sumpah (ini) Pocong 2009

SUGHANDI ( Jarwo Kwat ), an ambitious public official maintains his tenure for the second time. All political enemies seem to have under control. He grabbed optimistic future, all means permitted. His wife, Nani ( Julia Perez ) eager to enjoy the role as wife number one. He always maintain fitness with handsome instructor landing Fahmi ( Agung Udijana ) who secretly fancied to be the male deposits. One day allegations of misconduct threatens the permanence of power SUGHANDI. At the suggestion of spiritual adviser, Ki Bolon, SUGHANDI dare do pocong oath to maintain the image and sustainability of power. Faithful assistant, Tatang ( Udji Tonky ) dengans swiftly brought the shroud. The problem shroud was owned by a citizen ( Aming ) who never want to be buried with sarong Tatang. Pocong ghost gloved it and then revenge. Not only in Tatang but also Nani and SUGHANDI

Pocong kamar sebelah 2009

At 12 midnight everyday, Felisa would hear loud scream from the room next door. Until the third day, she finally enters the room. After that the scream stopped but Felisa is always haunted by strange voices. Mbah Jimat, a shaman reveals that since the room has been opened, the evil spirits roams around. He then orders Felisa to open the strap of the pocong ghost behind the room. But the pocong ghost continues to terrorize the flat. Will they be saved from the pocong ghost's terror?

40 Hari Bangkitnya Pocong 2008

A story about Jessi (Sabai Morsheck) that experience something abnormal happened in her life.

Amukan Pocong 2012

Long Husin makes a deal with the devil and he have to find and kill 13 virgins.

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