Joe Versus the Volcano 1990

Hypochondriac Joe Banks finds out he has six months to live, quits his dead end job, musters the courage to ask his female co-worker out on a date, and is then hired to jump into a volcano by a mysterious visitor.

Volcano Live

Volcano Live was a live television programme broadcast on BBC Two from 9 July 2012. The show was commissioned following the success of other "live" programmes such as Stargazing Live. Volcano Live was presented over four nights by Kate Humble and Iain Stewart from the KÄ«lauea volcano on Hawaii's Big Island. Comedian Ed Byrne presented segments, which attempted to discover the principles behind volcanic phenomena. Volcano Live also featured pre-recorded reports and interviews in addition to the real-time broadcast. Webcams showed volcanic activity from around the world and online features included a geothermal map of current volcanic events.

Lost Land of the Volcano 2009

Lost Land of the Volcano is a three-part nature documentary series produced by the BBC Natural History Unit which follows a scientific expedition to the island of New Guinea. The expedition team, which includes specialist zoologists, explorers and the BBC crew, travels to the extinct volcano of Mount Bosavi in central Papua New Guinea to document the biodiversity of this little-visited area and search for new species. At the time of filming, logging was taking place about 20 miles south from the volcano, and one of expedition's aims was to find evidence to support the case to protect the area. Some members of the expedition team travelled to the island of New Britain several hundred kilometres to the east to chart an unexplored cave system and observe an active volcano. The series was broadcast in September 2009 on BBC One in the United Kingdom in a three-part run. In the United States, it was broadcast the same month in seven parts on consecutive nights. Lost Land of the Volcano was the third of the BBC Natural History Unit's "Expedition" series, following Expedition Borneo and Lost Land of the Jaguar.

The Power Of Volcanos 2016

Can a local natural disaster impact the global weather, and influence the course of history? A 6th century volcano may have done just that.