Kevin Can Wait 2016

A newly retired police officer looks forward to spending more quality time with his wife and three kids only to discover he faces much tougher challenges at home than he ever did on the streets.

So You Think You Can Dance 2005

American competition television series in which dancers vie for exposure and recognition and with hopes of securing, in addition to a monetary prize, professional opportunities in the world of dance and entertainment.

I Can 2010

Based on a game by Lilim. Miyu is a pop idol. Her lover cum manager is Ryota. The two of them are intimate, but a harsh reality falls upon them. One afternoon, Ryota goes for a business meeting, leaving Miyu on standby in a dressing room. However, Ryota gets locked in an empty security office. Helplessly, he watches as the producer Terada and Miyu embrace... - translated and adapted from the official japanese site by Cranston

Can We Get Married? 2012

Can We Get Married? is a 2012 South Korean television series starring Sung Joon, Jung So-min, Lee Mi-sook, Han Groo, and Kim Young-kwang. It aired on jTBC from October 29, 2012 to January 1, 2013 on Mondays and Tuesdays at 23:00 for 20 episodes. The romantic comedy explores the themes of love, marriage and family against the backdrop of a young couple preparing to get married in 100 days.

I Can See Your Voice

The music show filled with mysteries and shocking moments is back! Guest celebrities must correctly guess a real singer, based on appearance and a few hints only, among the group of people who are pretending to be a singer. A fake singer who last till the end gets 5000 dollars whereas a real singer who survives gets a precious opportunity to have their own album released.

Painless - Eye Can Diagnose 2015

Eisuke Tameyori is a middle-aged private practice physician. He has the ability to diagnose someone's condition just by looking at their appearance. He is also able to recognize people who will commit crimes in the future by certain symptoms and tries to prevent them from committing those acts. He meets Detective Junichiro Hayase and they soon work together to solve cases.

Ai Mai! Moe Can Change! 2012

The AMB Company is a leading electronics manufacturer. Their latest idea is an alternative to animal therapy; moe therapy, using bishojo androids. This story follows the lives of Kiyan Chie and Moegi Anna, two girls involved in AMB's public relations work, during this exciting time.

Love Me When You Can

Love Me When You Can is a 2006 Korean Romantic TV Series directed by Jang Geun Soo and Kim Woo Sun. It first aired on July 17, 2006 and ended on March 9, 2008 after 169 episodes.


Can! Jani: Kanjani Eight's Great Plan to Save the Planet Earth was a Japanese TV variety that aired every Saturday on TV Asahi. The show ran from October 4, 2008 to September 26, 2009 for a total of 49 episodes. It had suffered from frequent time changes before settling for the 3:00pm time slot. The show was created after the high success of their two previous television specials that aired on TV Asahi, Dadaiyaman and Dadaiyaman Z. Its slogan first was, " For the world's sake, for the people's sake! " but it changed to " Can We Do It? Yes We Can! ", a play on the show's title as well as on Barack Obama's campaign slogan after he had won the U.S. presidential election. Can! Jani, as its commonly referred to, is a show in which Kanjani Eight were given assignments from Command Can to help better assist and save the planet earth. Each assignment, given to the show by its viewers, ranged from hiking in the woods to downtown Tokyo apartment guides. At the end of each episode Command Can would then give his score to the unit he sent out to complete the task, which, usually depending on the circumstances, always was a decent score.

Can Seo

Can Seo was a television series teaching Scottish Gaelic that started broadcasting in 1979 on BBC1 Scotland. The programme lasted for 20 weeks and a textbook and a cassette were produced to accompany the series. 'Can Seo' means 'Say This' in Scottish Gaelic.

Those Who Can't 2016

There are teachers who inspire, enlighten, and challenge us. These are not those teachers.

Parker Lewis Can't Lose 1990

Parker Lewis Can't Lose is an American teen sitcom that originally aired on FOX from September 1990 to June 1993. During the last season, the series sported the simpler title Parker Lewis. The series was produced by Columbia Pictures Television and was strongly influenced by the feature film Ferris Bueller's Day Off. The film's TV spinoff Ferris Bueller debuted on NBC during the same month as Parker Lewis, but it only lasted 13 episodes.

Catch Us If You Can

Catch Us If You Can was an Australian game show television series, modeled after Candid Camera, produced in 1981. The host was Bryan Davies, assisted by Deborah Gray and Edith Bliss.

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