From Dime to Dime 1960

A devil appears on the shoulder of a man who has been down on his luck since his Friday-the-13th birthday. The green-suited tempter convinces him to gamble away his last dime.

Design on a Dime 2003

Design on a Dime is a decorating television series on HGTV. It features people who want their living space redesigned. The Design on a Dime team uses a $1,000 budget to remake a room. There have been a few variations, with episodes for weddings and more.

Dimension 404 2017

Inspired by the Internet’s “404” error code, Dimension 404 aims to evoke that 3 AM feeling of wandering onto the weird side of the web, stumbling upon stories that cannot be explained in the world that we know.

Dr. Dimensionpants! 2014

Kyle Lipton, who, for all his life was just like the other kids - playful, happy, and without a care in the world until one day and inter-dimensional portal opened up and dropped a pair of glowing pants onto his lap.

Voltron: The Third Dimension 1998

Voltron: The Third Dimension is an American computer-animated television series, done in the same animation style as Beast Wars: Transformers and Reboot. It departed from the original Lion Voltron's animated look, as well as some character changes, such as the physical appearance of Prince Lotor. It served as a sequel to the Lion Voltron series, set three years after the end of that program, and among the tools used to bridge the gap was an official starmap as designed by writer Shannon Muir, and finalized in partnership with World Events Productions. The show was animated by Mike Young Productions. The show won a 1999 Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Sound Editing - Special Class Rick Hinson, Elizabeth Hinson. Legal issues occurred when WEP tried to make a new series. Neil Ross, Michael Bell and B.J. Ward reprised their roles as Keith, Lance and Princess Alura for the series.

Dimension W 2016

Humanity has found a way to achieve infinite energy by using coils to draw it from the fourth plane: Dimension W. With the production of coils having been monopolized by the New Tesla energy company, freelance collectors are hired to find and remove any illegal, unofficial coils. This is the story of collector Kyouma, who also happens to have a huge hatred towards coils. During one of his missions he stumbles upon a female android that perceives herself as being starkingly human, and from there the two enter an unlikely partnership.

Johnny Cypher in Dimension Zero

Johnny Cypher in Dimension Zero was a cartoon series that debuted in 1967. It told the story of Johnny Cypher, a scientist who had the power to travel through space and time into different dimensions, and his companions Zena and Rhom. The series was produced by Oriolo Studios and released by Seven Arts.

5th Dimension – Secrets Of The Supernatural

5th Dimension – Secrets Of The Supernatural was a six episode documentary series that aired on Discovery Channel in 2006. The episodes were 50 minutes in length. The series was distributed by Parthenon entertainment, and was originally produced by German MPR Film und Fernsehproduktion GmbH in 2005.

Super Dimension Century Orguss 1983

Super Dimension Century Orguss is an anime science fiction series. It inspired an OVA sequel series called Super Dimension Century Orguss 02. Orguss was the second part of The Super Dimension trilogy from Big West, preceded by The Super Dimension Fortress Macross and then followed by The Super Dimension Cavalry Southern Cross. Orguss was originally planned as the third season of Robotech in the United States like as the two others Super Dimension series were used for the two first seasons. Instead, the anime Genesis Climber Mospeada was used as the third segment of Robotech. Additionally, these three series are not sequels, prequels, or even in the same story universe as one another. They do share "The Super Dimension" moniker in their titles and were presented by Big West. That was the only connection that each of the Super Dimension shows had with each other. Of the Orguss' 35 episodes, only 17 of them were available in English in dub-only format in the early 1990s on video tape from U.S. Renditions, before the majority of the company's shows were bought up by Manga Entertainment. Manga Entertainment did however release Orguss 02 on both video tape and DVD.

The Twilight Zone 1985

The Twilight Zone is the first of two revivals of Rod Serling's acclaimed 1950/60s television series of the same name. It ran for two seasons on CBS before producing a final season for syndication.

時空戦士スピルバン 1986

Jikuu Senshi Spielban is a Japanese tokusatsu television series, part of the Metal Hero Series created by Toei Co. Ltd. from April 7, 1986 to March 9, 1987. Spielban's action footage was used for the battle scenes in VR Troopers. For distribution purposes, Toei refers to this television series as Spielvan.

The Twilight Zone 2002

The Twilight Zone is a 2002 revival of Rod Serling's 1950/60s television series, The Twilight Zone. It aired for one season on the UPN network, with actor Forest Whitaker assuming Serling's role as narrator and on-screen host. The series was produced by New Line Television, which since 2008 is a division of Warner Bros., which released Twilight Zone: The Movie.

The Langoliers 1995

The Langoliers is a miniseries consisting of 2 episodes of 2 hours each. It was directed and written by Tom Holland and based on the novella by Stephen King. The series was produced by Mitchell Galin and David R. Kappes. The miniseries originally aired May 14–21, 1995 on the ABC network.

Ixion Saga: Dimensional Transfer 2012

Hokaze Kon is an otherwise normal boy who, one day, receives an inter-dimensional summons to the world of Mirror. He appears just in time to save the life of Princess Ecarlate, whose enemies are trying to prevent her political marriage. Kon, who knows nothing about Mirror nor the way home, attaches himself to Ecarlate's entourage.

The Outer Limits 1995

The Outer Limits is a US-Canadian television series that originally aired on Showtime, the Sci Fi Channel and in syndication between 1995 and 2002. The series is a revival of the original The Outer Limits series that aired in the 1960s. Distinct from The Twilight Zone in that the stories were science fiction based only, and not fantasy/science fiction as was the case with The Twilight Zone, The Outer Limits is an anthology of distinct story episodes, sometimes with a plot twist at the end. Unlike the original incarnation of the series, which was a pure anthology with each episode completely unrelated to the others, the revival series maintained an anthology format, but occasionally featured recurring story elements that were often tied together during season-finale clip shows. Over the course of the series, 154 episodes were aired. Currently, the Chiller network airs two episodes daily starting at 6 a.m. U.S. Eastern time and also airs multiple episode blocks on an infrequent basis.

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