Best of the Best 1996

Tung Tung just graduated from the police academy, encountering a Vietnamnese assassin on his first day on work. Tung in order to break through obstacle in his mind decides to join SDU. Among the teammates, Coolman feels resentment toward Tung, which he doesn't understand. Later he discovers Coolman is actually his step brother. Tung actively tries to get close to Coolman, but is rejected. When training reaches its last stage, Coolman and Tung's team reencounters the Vietnamnese assassin on a deserted island.

The King's Avatar 2017

In the multiplayer online game Glory, Ye Xiu is regarded as a textbook and a top-tier pro-player. However, due to a myriad of reasons, he is kicked from the team. After leaving the pro scene, he finds work in an Internet Cafe as a manager. When Glory launches its tenth server, he throws himself in to the game once more. Possessing ten years of experience, the memories of his past, and an incomplete, self-made weapon, his return along the road to the summit begins!

School Beauty's Personal Bodyguard 2016

Some assignments end up with some fringe benefits. Lin Yi (Li Chung Lin) is a wushu master who is offered a great deal of money by a billionaire to protect his daughter, Chu Meng Yao (Cao Xi Yue), who happens to be the most beautiful, popular girl at her university. Lin Yi enrolls at the same university and becomes Meng Yao’s personal bodyguard and finds himself surrounded by many beautiful co-eds. While at first, Lin Yi is annoyed by the spoiled Meng Yao, but will he find himself falling under her irresistible charms as time passes? “School Beauty’s Personal Bodyguard” is a 2015 Taiwanese drama series directed by Wu Jian Xin.

Gaon Chart Music Awards

A major music awards show held annually in South Korea by the national music record chart Gaon Chart. The awards focus more on songs and albums rather than musicians. Award finalists are based on the previous year's Gaon year-end chart performance according to data for sales of songs and albums.

Hyakujuu Sentai Gaoranger

Hyakujuu Sentai Gaoranger is Toei's twenty-fifth production of the Super Sentai television series airing in 2001 and celebrated the franchise's 25th anniversary. Its footage was used in the 2002 American series Power Rangers Wild Force and was later dubbed in 2010 as the retitled Power Rangers: Jungle Force for South Korean television in place of Samurai Sentai Shinkenger, possibly due to cultural reasons.

The King of Braves GaoGaiGar FINAL

The King of Braves GaoGaiGar Final is the OVA sequel to the 1997 anime television series The King of Braves GaoGaiGar. The series begun in 2000, created by Sunrise's internal "Studio 7" under the direction of Yoshitomo Yonetani, and the first Yūsha metaseries funded by both Takara and Bandai and produced by Sunrise.

The King of Braves: GaoGaiGar 1997

The King of Braves GaoGaiGar is an anime television series series which began in 1997, created by Sunrise's internal "Studio 7" under the direction of Yoshitomo Yonetani, and was the eighth and final in the Yūsha metaseries funded by Takara and produced by Sunrise.

Red Sorghum 2014

Red Sorghum is a Chinese television series based on Nobel laureate Mo Yan's 1986/1987 eponymous novel. Directed by Zheng Xiaolong, it also features the highly-anticipated return of actress Zhou Xun to television after 10 years.

Chocolat 2014

"Chocolat" is an adaptation of a Japanese manga called Gangster Patisserie. A female Japanese college student who runs away to Taiwan and gets involved with a reformed young hoodlum who just got out of jail after five years. Turns out his old gangster boss lost his wife to an illness and has decided to turn over a new leaf and become a legit businessman by starting a bakery that employs all his former gang members. The entire gang of misfits all live and work together, and heartwarming hilarity ensues

Pure Gold 2013

Pure Gold is a story about a pretty girl, drunk, promiscuous and lazy and always puts gold ahead of her son, but it is in the essence of the man that he can still do good always.

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