Cut Poison Burn 2010

The Film tells the grim tale of the half century War on Cancer and focuses on the character of Thomas Navarro. In 1999, the four year old boy was diagnosed with brain cancer and thrust into the system of Surgery, Chemo and Radiation and not allowed to be treated with a proven method by Texas Doctor Stanislaw Burzynski. The war between the Navarro Family and the FDA is perhaps this country's greatest evidence as to why there should be medical freedom and how since the War on Cancer began in 1971, the war is still failing in 2009.

Burn Up 2008

An oil industrialist, an environmental activist and a politician are in conflict in this drama set around a summit on climate change.

Crash & Burn 2009

Jimmy Burn, a streetwise young claims adjuster, tries to make a better life for himself as he navigates the shark-infested waters of the corporate, often corrupt insurance companies, con artists who live from fraud to fraud, shady clients, back-stabbing co-workers and members of the Russian mob. He seeks a quiet, stable life, but that may be out of reach for Jimmy and his fiancee.

C.U. Burn

C.U. Burn is a cult Irish language television comedy broadcast on the Irish-language television channel TG4. It tells the tales of the County Donegal undertakers Charlie and Vincie Burn who run a turf-fueled crematorium. They are rivalled by another group of more professional undertakers led by Frank Doyle. The show revolves around the cunning Charlie Burn whose ruthless pursuit of business often leads to much chaos while his long-suffering brother Vincie Burn simply requests a quiet life. Pádraig assists at the crematorium and Pádraig's sister Máiréad is the recurring love interest of Charlie. C.U. Burn deals with a number of social issues common in Irish life such as drug dealing, dishonesty, ghosts, adultery, racism, drunken one-night stands, brain conditions, nicotine addiction, shipwreck, sexual repression, tax avoidance, thievery and the rare occurrence of accidental cremation. Irish pursuits such as fishing, golf and gaelic games feature prominently. It was written and directed by Niall Mac Eamharcaigh and was first broadcast in 1996. The series was filmed entirely in the fictional locality of Gleann Dómhain in the Donegal Gaeltacht area and was one of the first home-produced TV series to be broadcast on the fledgling TG4. Subtitles are available.

Burn It 2003

Burn It was a drama series, with touches of dark comedy, following the lives of three twenty-somethings in present-day Salford.

Cra$h & Burn 2009

Cra$h & Burn is a Canadian television drama series created by Malcolm MacRury. The show takes place in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, where it is also filmed. The series stars Luke Kirby as Jimmy Burn, a claims investigator for Protected Insurance.

Burn-Up Scramble 2004

Burn Up Scramble is a 12 episode anime series directed by Hiroki Hayashi released in 2004. Though the basic premise is in keeping with its predecessors Burn Up! and Burn Up Excess it is an entirely new series with some new and some old characters, and a very different art style. Like Burn Up W and Burn Up Excess, the series centers on a busty police officer and martial artist name Rio Kinezono, who just wants to find love in her life... so much so that she often changes around her living arrangements just to attract the right man. So far, the only man she was able to attract is her perverted superior, Yuji Naruo... and he's being protected by Matsuri Tamagawa, his overly-zealous girlfriend. Rio is also a member of a super-secret squad known as "the Warriors". Her teammates are Maya Jingu, a quiet girl but an extreme gun-nut, and Lilica Evett, a shy and insecure telepath.

Burn-Up Excess 1997

Burn-Up Excess is an animated Japanese television series, directed by Shinichiro Kimura, animated by Magic Bus and produced by AIC. It aired from 1997 to 1998, ran for 13 episodes, and 4 volumes of videos were released on VHS and DVD in North America by ADV Films. The series is a tongue-in-cheek look at a special operations unit in the Tokyo police force called "Team Warrior", with large amounts of fan service thrown in for good measure, exemplified by the inclusion of ADV's trademarked "Jiggle Counter" on the DVD's along with Plastic Little.

Burn-Up W 1996

Burn Up W is an anime OVA directed by Hiroshi Negishi and released in 1996. It was soon followed by a series version called Burn Up Excess though it occasionally lacks continuity with the series. The OVA consists of four episodes, chronicling Team Warrior through more missions. Like the original series, there is still a large amount of fan service.

Burn 'Em Up Barnes

Burn 'Em Up Barnes is a Mascot movie serial. It was a loose remake of the 1921 film of the same name.

The Burn with Jeff Ross

The Burn with Jeff Ross is a comedy panel show hosted by comedian Jeff Ross on Comedy Central. The show debuted on August 14, 2012, and is executive produced by Ross himself. The program features Ross roasting a wide variety of targets, along with guest appearances by fellow comedians who make up a panel of roasters. The show was renewed for a second season by Comedy Central, which premiered January 8, 2013.

Burning Love 2012

Burning Love is a scripted comedy series which is a web spoof of the television shows The Bachelor, The Bachelorette and Bachelor Pad. Depending on the season, the show either follows a man or a woman who is looking for the perfect mate from a pool of contestants, or has contestants living together in a mansion competing for a cash prize. Ben Stiller is executive co-producer. Season 1 showcases fireman Mark Orlando as the bachelor. Season 2 of the series, which premiered in February 2013, stars June Diane Raphael reprising her role as season 1 contestant Julie, now the bachelorette given the chance to find the perfect man. Season 3 also premiered in 2013 and starred former contestants from Seasons 1 and 2 competing for a $900 prize rather than for love.

Burnistoun 2009

Burnistoun is a comedy sketch show broadcast by BBC Scotland, written by the Scottish comedians Iain Connell and Robert Florence. The show is produced by The Comedy Unit. Burnistoun is set in a fictional Scottish town/city in the greater Glasgow area. Characters include Kelly McGlade; Burnistoun's answer to Beyoncé; Paul and Walter, the disturbingly odd brothers that run an ice cream van; Jolly Boy John, who tells the things that make him "For Real" to the accompaniment of a happy hardcore soundtrack ; McGregor and Toshan, best friends Scott and Peter and the Burnistoun Butcher, a serial killer who is unhappy with the way he is being portrayed by the media. Connell and Florence have previously written sitcoms Empty and Legit and created characters for Chewin' the Fat and The Karen Dunbar Show. The third series started filming in January 2012 and began its run in August 2012. It has been confirmed on the show's Facebook page that series 3 will be its last.

London's Burning 1986

London's Burning is a British television drama programme produced by London Weekend Television for the ITV network that focused on the lives of members of the London Fire Brigade, principally those of the Blue Watch at a fictional fire station called Blackwall. It was broadcast between 1988 and 2002 in the United Kingdom and was shown in Canada on digital television station CBC Country Canada. In the UK, Discovery's entertainment channel, DMAX have also shown repeats of the later series, mainly 11 through 14.

Burnside 2000

Burnside is a British television police procedural drama, broadcast on ITV in 2000. The series, a spin-off from ITV's long-running police drama The Bill, focused on DCI Frank Burnside, formerly a detective at Sun Hill and now working for the National Crime Squad. Burnside ran for one series of six episodes, structured as three two-part stories.

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