Across the World with Mr. and Mrs. Johnson 1930

As if they were showing their film to a few friends in their home, the Johnsons describe their trip across the world, which begins in the South Pacific islands of Hawaii, Samoa, Australia, the Solomons (where they seek and find cannibals), and New Hebrides. Thence on to Africa via the Indian Ocean, Suez Canal, North Africa, and the Nile River to lion country in Tanganyika. (They are briefly joined in Khartum by George Eastman and Dr. Al Kayser.) Taking a safari in the Congo, the Johnsons see animals and pygmies, and travel back to Uganda, British East Africa, and Kenya.

Jean-Claude Van Johnson 2016

Jean-Claude Van Damme is a global martial arts & film sensation, also operating under the simple alias of "Johnson" as the world's best undercover private contractor. Retired for years, a chance encounter with a lost love brings him back to the game. This time, he'll be deadlier than ever. Probably.

Johnson and Friends 1990

Johnson and Friends is an Australian children’s television programme broadcast on ABC from 12 November 1990 to 25 December 1995. It was produced by Film Australia and lasted seven seasons. In the UK it was shown in the 1993 on TCC, CBBC, and then on UK Living's Tiny Living strand for under-fives. It was aired in the United States as a segment on the Fox Cubhouse, an educational children's program on Fox, from 1993 to 1996.

XOX Betsey Johnson 2013

XOX Betsey Johnson is an American reality documentary television series on the Style Network and debuted on May 12, 2013. The series follows Betsey Johnson and her daughter, Lulu, as they struggle to evolve their mother-daughter relationship, move on from filing Chapter 11 bankruptcy and nurture their future careers.

The Almighty Johnsons 2011

The Almighty Johnsons is a New Zealand fantasy comedy/drama television series, which was created by James Griffin and Rachel Lang and is produced by South Pacific Pictures. It began airing its first series of ten episodes in New Zealand on 7 February 2011.

How We Got to Now 2014

How We Got To Now with Steven Johnson is a six part documentary series that reveals the story behind the remarkable ideas that made modern life possible; the unsung heroes that brought them into the world – and the unexpected and bizarre consequences each of these innovations has triggered.

Unforgivable Blackness 2005

Unforgivable Blackness: The Rise and Fall of Jack Johnson is a documentary by filmmaker Ken Burns based on the nonfiction book of the same name by Geoffrey C. Ward. The documentary was first broadcast on PBS in two parts on January 17 and January 18, 2005. In Burns' signature style the 220-minute film serves as a biography of Jack Johnson, the first African-American Heavyweight Champion of the World, as well as a documentary of racism and social inequality during the Jim Crow era against which Jack Johnson lived in defiant opposition. The film is narrated by Keith David and features a soundtrack by Wynton Marsalis and Samuel L. Jackson as the voice of Jack Johnson. Alan Rickman also contributed his voice to the documentary. In 2005, the film earned Burns an Emmy Award for Directing for Non-Fiction Programming. David won an Emmy for Best Voice Over Performance. The film was produced by David Schaye, Paul Barnes and Ken Burns for Florentine Flims.

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