The Mummy

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The Mummy
Though safely entombed in a crypt deep beneath the unforgiving desert, an ancient queen whose destiny was unjustly taken from her is awakened in our current day, bringing with her malevolence grown over millennia, and terrors that defy human comprehension.
Title The Mummy
Release Date 2017-06-06
Genres Fantasy Thriller Action Adventure Horror
Production Companies Universal Pictures, Dentsu, Sean Daniel Company, Perfect World Pictures (Beijing), Secret Hideout, Dark Universe
Production Countries China, Japan, United States of America


panic jr8
Oh gosh. Where do I even start. This film sucks. Now before I begin to tear this film into shreds, let me give you some background. I was excited for this movie. I love Tom Cruise. I love Sofia Boutella. I love Russell Crowe. I love the Universal Monsters. Lets just say I was disappointed. This film has some of the worst tonal problems in a film ever. An inconsistent tone is my biggest pet peeve. Sometimes it's scary. Sometimes it's a huge action blockbuster. Sometimes it's trying to be like Brendan Frasier's "The Mummy." It doesn't know what it is. The female lead (who's name I can't remember) is incredibly bland. Not her acting, she's actually quite good. It's the writing is what makes her bad. Jake Johnson's character is one of the most annoying characters in a movie ever. And I mean that. I hated almost every scene he was in. The few high notes: Sofia Boutella kills it. Russell Crowe is delightfully campy. Tom Cruise gives another solid performance despite his character being super unlikable. Alex Kurtzman is what hurts this film. The direction is quite bland. Kurtzman is a bad screenwriter and a just as bad director. This film is a mess. Tonal problems and bland writing. Some fun action scenes and performances can't keep this film from being a boring trainwreck. 1.3/5.0
Rocketeer Raccoon
Honestly, this film screwed up big time and it's not as good as the 1999 film, most people are going to compare this film to that and I don't blame them. Tome Cruise was like a walking joke in this and while I saw this in the cinema, people were laughing during an action scene that was actually badly put together and I didn't realise this until now. This is pretty much a mix bag of a film which is a shameful way to start off a new cinematic universe of the Dark Universe.
Remember when _Dracula Untold_ was supposed to kick off Universal's Monster-Movie franchise, but then they canned that because of how poorly received that movie was? Well get ready to go straight back to the drawing board Universal, because _The Mummy_ isn't even half the movie that _Dracula Untold_ was. Sofia Boutella as the titular Mummy is the movie's one redeeming feature, but she far from salvages this train-wreck. _Final rating:★½: - Boring/disappointing. Avoid where possible._
Per Gunnar Jonsson
In view of the reviews this movie has received I was not expecting much. Being a Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror fan I had to watch it regardless of what people said about it of course. I have to say that I do not understand why so many seem to claim it is utter crap. Sure, it is not a great movie but it is not really bad either. It is not just a remake of the original The Mummy movies which I think is actually good. That concept is becoming a bit deja vue after all. To me the worst part of the movie was Tom Cruise. Total lack of charisma. He really do not succeed in his role. He is mostly wondering about being meh and just reacts to the various situations he is thrown into. Russell Crowe is a lot better as Doctor Jekyll. I quite like Doctor Jekyll being thrown into the mix by the way. I think his role worked quite well and was well played. Being a mummy movie there are of course a lot of supernatural stuff, curses, monsters and action. In general I think it was reasonably well done. The special effects were enjoyable and the mummy herself, Sofia Boutella, was not bad at all. On the whole the movie and the story held a lot of promise but in the end the overall performance failed to really impress. There were plenty of good things but they were just not put to good work. I think the movie would have fared a lot better with a more charismatic lead in it and perhaps a bit better script for him. Bottom line, I did enjoy the movie. As I wrote it is not really bad but it could have been quite a bit better. The good parts were sometimes really good but in between it felt like everyone went to lunch and let the janitors have a go at movie making.
John Chard
Disappointingly unoriginal and average. So here we go, then, Universal begin their rebirth of the Universal Creature franchise (Dark Universe) with a crack at old bandage features, The Mummy, sadly the result is very average at best. You would think that with so many "Mummy" films of the past already on the market this new lease of life would be giving us, well, something new to gorge on, but what we actually get is a painfully familiar. From a summer blockbuster audience pleaser point of view it has the requisite effects work, it's loud, rambunctious and has Cruise and Crowe for star wattage, but Cruise is going through the motions, Crowe is laughably miscast (with a later dreadful accent issue to compound the misery), while the rest of the cast play second fiddle to the over egged effects work. It's neither dark enough as a head bothering thinker or witty enough to tickle the funny bone, in fact it at times is very dull. There's also the worrying attempts at crossing over into further creature feature ventures, a big reveal for a main character is sloppily handled, whilst the finale lands as flat as a pancake. There's some nice touches, the "Mummy" design is sharp (love those eyes), a plane crash is exhilarating and the film's stand out sequence, and the tomb/prison design is neat, but after that you start to scratch around for positives, which in itself tells a story. At least it looks and sounds great in HD, the colours and sub-woofer shakes a treat for the senses. It's all well and good people asking for it not to be judged by other Mummy films, but the creators here make that inevitable. Lifting the plot from one of the 1940's films, and even stealing a scene from the Stephen Sommers school of Mummy film making. It's unoriginal and as an opening salvo for a franchise it leaves Universal with a hell of a lot of work to do to make it work. 5/10

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