Bouli 1992

Bouli is an animated television series originally produced in France between 1989 until 1991.

Worzel Gummidge Down Under 1987

Worzel Gummidge Down Under, adapted from the books written by Barbara Euphan Todd and the children's television programme produced and broadcast in the United Kingdom named Worzel Gummidge, starring Jon Pertwee. The story continued in New Zealand when Aunt Sally was sold to a Museum owner.

Pob's Programme

Pob's Programme is a children's television programme which was broadcast in the United Kingdom on Channel 4 between October 1985 and November 1987. The programme is presented by a puppet named Pob, who speaks a primitive version of English and who supposedly lives inside the viewer's TV. The opening titles of the show consist of the character breathing on the camera lens, and tracing his name in the condensation. Each week on the programme, a celebrity guest visits Pob's garden, and entertains him — though Pob and the guest never appear on screen together. Pob's Programme was created by Doug Wilcox and Anne Wood of Ragdoll Productions, which also created Rosie and Jim. Wood went on to create the Teletubbies.

Mulligan Stew

Mulligan Stew was a children's educational program, sponsored by the 4-H Council and shown both in schools and on television. It was produced by Michigan State University and premiered in 1972 during National 4-H Week in Washington, D.C. The show was named for the hobo dish, and each of the six half-hour episodes gave school-age children information about nutrition. Produced by V. "Buddy" Renfro, Mulligan Stew featured a multi-racial group of five kids: Maggie, Mike, Micki, Manny, and Mulligan, plus one adult, Wilbur Dooright. The group went on nutritional adventures around the globe, although the series' filming usually stuck close to Lansing, Michigan School packages included a companion comic book with further adventures of the characters, reviews of things learned from the show, and lyrics to the show's songs. The show was noted for the key phrase "4-4-3-2" that was often invoked to refer to the USDA's then-recommended number of daily servings of the "Four Food Groups" — "fruits and vegetables," "breads and cereals," "milk or cheese," and "meat, fish or fowl." Thanks in part to the popularity of "Mulligan Stew", 4-H membership was boosted to an all-time high in 1974, and it remained on the air until 1981.

The Thanksgiving That Almost Wasn't

A talking squirrel must save the holiday by rescuing a young Pilgrim boy and a young Native American boy that has gone missing in the woods on Thanksgiving day.

Spadla z oblakov 1983

Spadla z oblakov is a Slovak language sci-fi TV series for children created in year 1978. The series became very popular in Czechoslovakia and several other countries. The series was based on 1967 child book Spadla z nebe by Václav Pavel Borovička, a Czech writer and screenwriter. The first, very successful edition was followed by several reprints, the last in year 2000. The TV series follows the book quite closely.

The World of K3

De Wereld van K3 is a daily Flemish–Dutch kids talk show broadcast on Nederland 3 in the Netherlands and on Vtm in Belgium. The hostesses are the girls of the girl band K3. The talk show takes place in The K3 Club House, where the girls have their guests, like famous people with kids as the audience. The show has a chef, who makes everyday something with the kids, a magician who teaches the kids a special trick and Martin Gaus who shows the kids an animal. Also someone performs every episode. The show also shows some cartoons like Kabouter Plop, Piet Piraat and Bumba.

Simon and the Witch 1987

Simon is a very sensible young schoolboy, who has a friend who is a real witch. She is very silly, and a huge showoff.